GHB Addiction Signs

GHB Addiction Signs Gamma hydroxybutyrate, commonly known as GHB, is a colorless and odorless liquid drug that comes with a mild salty flavor. It is also commonly known as a "club drug" due to its high use in club scenes and parties by college and high school students. Other "club drugs" include. MDMA Ecstasy Ketamine Special K Somatomax Crystal methamphe....

GHB Addiction Side Effects

GHB Addiction Side Effects GHB has become one of the most abused drugs, not only in the United States, but also in numerous other parts of the world. It actually confirms the fears that there is so much that may not be known about drugs prescribed in health centers. It has previously been used during operations as general anesthetic in United Kingdom, as well as a medical treatment for narcolepsy....

GHB Addiction Treatment

GHB Addiction Treatment Gamma Hydroxybutyric acid has been one of the most abused drugs recently. It is known by other names such as. Soap Scoop Liquid X Salty water Liquid Ecstasy Georgia Home Boy It is a depressant of the central nervous system that acts so fast that an individual will have lost consciousness in ten minutes after taking the drug. The drug is also ....

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GHB Addiction

Recent times have seen an increase in the abuse of prescription drugs. These are drugs which have been widely used in the medical facilities and used to take care of particular ailments or health disorders. However, after being used in the health sector, the abuse and addiction potential comes to the fore, not to mention some undesirable side effects. For some of them, their use has been limited or controlled in medical facilities while others have been completely outlawed. One drug that falls in the latter category is GHB or Gamma hydroxybutyrate acid.

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GHB Addiction Dot Net welcomes you to our site which focuses on the topic of the drug GHB and also of course GHB Use, Abuse, and Addiction. GHB is said to be a “party drug” – but this is not a drug that is just used for partying. This is a drug that is used for all types of purposes, most of which can lead to GHB Addiction. Find out more about both GHB and GHB Addiction in the posts and pages which are coming soon.